'Scandinavian Shiver' set to bring severe frost and snow this weekend

It is going to very cold overnight
It is going to very cold overnight

The country is set for freezing conditions and maybe even snow this weekend as temperatures are set to drop below minus three degrees.

According to Met Eireann, snow is a possibility for the weekend as a freezing Scandinavian shower, dubbed the 'Scandinavian Shiver', passes through Ireland.

"There is a chance of snow. The UK will definitely get some and this may bring wintry showers to Ireland particularly in the east of the country," Met Eireann forecaster Joanna Donnelly told

"We might get some white stuff but nothing that will cause much disruption," she added.

Today will be freezing but generally dry throughout the day.

Temperatures are set to drop to below minus three degrees tonight with severe frost and icy patches. Met Eireann say it will be a 'very cold night'.

Brace yourself for the weekend, as Saturday will be very cold with highest temperatures of four to six degrees.

There will be coastal showers with the possibility of hail storms while night time temperatures will again hit zero.

Sunday will again be cold with coastal showers and temperatures between four and six degrees but the good news is that Monday will see things warm up a bit, with temperatures hitting 10 degrees.

And the outlook for the middle of next week predicts things ti get even better, with 13 degrees forecast.