Sammy Wilson denies agreeing with 'ethnics out' constituent's remarks

Sammy Wilson denies agreeing with 'ethnics out' constituent's remarks

The DUP MP Sammy Wilson has said that the BBC took his quotes out of context when he appeared to agree with a constituent who made comments about 'getting ethnics' out of Northern Ireland.

Mr Wilson had been filming as part of a BBC Spotlight programme on the upcoming EU referendum.

He had been talking to a constituent in Carrickfergus who, when asked about leaving the EU, said:  "I'd say get out of it. Between you and me get the ethnics out too."

To which Mr Wilson appeared to answer: "You're absolutely right, you know." 

This morning, speaking to Frank Mitchell on U105, he said: "The selected piece, was a disgraceful piece.

"The attempt by the BBC to label me as some kind of racist is deeply offensive, especially given the relationships I have with many people within what people call the ethnic community, I simply call them Northern Ireland people who are a different colour to me.

"I am no racist and I have no gripe with the ethnic community.

"I was responding to the question on whether or not we should leave the European Union."

He added: "You're going back over an interview that happened three weeks ago in a conversation like that, I know what I asked him and he replied in response to my question and I agreed with him."