Ryanair deny "near miss" incident involving Israeli fighter jets

Ryanair deny "near miss" incident involving Israeli fighter jets

The Israeli military have launched a probe into what was described as a “near crash” by local reports, between two F16 fighter jets and a Ryanair aircraft.

The incident occurred as a flight from Krakow in Poland neared its destination of Eilat Ovda in Israel.

Ryanair have denied reports of a “near crash”, claiming its plane was never in any danger and that passengers were unaware of the incident.

A spokesman said: “This flight was cruising at 27,000 ft in Israeli airspace when two military aircraft were noticed by the crew ascending towards the Ryanair aircraft's flight path.

“The crew notified local air traffic control and the military aircraft descended away from the Ryanair jet, which continued on and landed without incident.

“These military aircraft were at all times over three miles away.”

The Israeli Air Force jets were on training flights when they came “dangerously close” to the Ryanair passenger plane near Eilat, reports the Jewish Chronicle.