Ryanair boss says they will never fly to USA

Ryanair will not be flying to the US
Ryanair will not be flying to the US

Ryanair won't ever fly transatlantic services, the airline's billionaire chairman David Bonderman insisted yesterday.

"We have no interest in flying transatlantic," he told shareholders at the airline's annual general meeting at Dublin Airport yesterday in a report on

This is despite Ryanair saying earlier this year that he wanted to start a service to the US.

In March, they told the Financial Times: “The board of Ryanair, like any plc, has approved the business plans for future growth, including transatlantic.

“We are talking to manufacturers about long-haul aircraft but cannot comment further on this. European consumers want lower cost travel to the USA and the same for Americans coming to Europe. We see it as a logical development in the European market.”

The plan was always going to be for a new brand, possibly even a new airline, to be launched by the company for their transatlantic business and with airline manufacturers overloaded with orders for new planes, getting their hands on the new machines right now is also impossible.

In January, Mr O'Leary said he would be disappointed if the low cost long-haul service wouldn't be able to offer one-way fares to the US from Europe for an average of under €100.

He said the aim of the service would be to fly from about 15 European cities to 15 US cities.

Fingers crossed the plan will one day come to pass.