RTE star reveals horror holiday drugging of girlfriend

Andy Quirke playing Ivor in the hit show
Andy Quirke playing Ivor in the hit show

Star of hit comedy Damo and Ivor Andy Quirke has revealed his girlfriend was drugged by a gang while the pair were on holiday in Spain.

The incident took place in the upmarket area of the Costa del Sol called Puerto Banus.

Quirke was there with his girlfriend Grace when she was victim of a terrrible ordeal.

Quirke used his Facebook page to tell the story.

The full text reads:

"I just want to pass on a warning to all my friends that maybe in and around Puerto Banús Marbella. Last night whilst out with friends my girlfriend was drugged with a opiate based drug. We were in a bar called ****** at the end of the port that is a themed as an old ship. We arrived at 10pm and stayed for 3 hours. At around 12.15am a magician / street performer dressed in a sparkling light green costume who we had refused earlier in the evening returned to put on a 5 minute table show.

"During this time a clown tried to sell us roses (also a known cocaine and opiate dealer). The magician asked for my friends phone to take a group photo and asked for the code to unlock it ( whose unlock code is same as their ATM card pin ). While looking at the magic show I believe that the two guys behind us dropped this drug into Grace's drink. 30 mins later when we left Grace collapsed outside the bar and we struggled to find any authorities to come to our help.

"I manger to get Grace to hospital where they confirmed the symptoms and effects of this type particular drug and that its traces where in her blood and urine samples. The hospital also confirmed 12 other incidents of same attack this week in Banús. They are after gold watches ( my friend was wearing one) and after drugging they have victims pin codes for ATMs. I believe there were two women and two men posing as couples beside us and the clown and the magician are part of the same gang working together.

"I wouldn't want anyone to experience what happened to us last night. Grace is ok now but very shaken by what happened. Please share this message with anyone you know travelling to Marbella."