Roz Purcell thought she had found a 'dead body' in the back of her car

Roz Purcell
Roz Purcell

Model Rozanna Purcell has revealed that she thought she had come across a dead body in the back of her car, but it was just a drunk college student taking a quick nap.

The cookbook author revealed that she thought her boyfriend Bressie was playing a trick on her when she returned from an early morning run to find a man passed out in the back of her car.

“The weirdest thing happened to me this morning. I went for a long enough run,” Roz told her followers on Snapchat.

“When I was coming back I never usually stop to have a moment to myself but I stopped because I was wrecked.

“I was doing a stretch and then I looked up I was like ‘Holy f**k’

“My car is parked outside and there is someone in the back seat!

“I was there like ‘What the hell? Bressie’s after putting a dummy or something in the car.

Roz revealed that she became worried about the trespasser because he was “like a mummy” and very pale.

"I went up close and and thought 'Oh my God, someone is after putting a dead person in my car.

“I was freaking out. It was really pitch dark at 7.30am and nobody was on the street,” she said.

“I opened the door and asked him what he was doing in my car and he said ‘I thought this was a taxi’.

The budding foodie, who has just published her first cookbook Natural Born Feeder, said she has since found the funny side to the situation.

“I tried to calm down then. He was just a college student who got a little too drunk. Anyway, he’s going to have an awesome story to tell his friends and I’m always going to lock my doors from now on.”