Prison riot turned to full scale pitch battle after inmate brutally tortured by lags

Prison riot turned to full scale pitch battle after inmate brutally tortured by lags

A riot which took place at Cloverhill prison today turned into a pitch battle worthy of Game of Thrones after riot squads, bussed in from Mounjoy and Wheatfield, set upon the prison yard insurgents.

A source told that inmates were holding a non-national prisoner in the yard.

The victim, who was in the jail for an immigration charge, was described as being a quiet and inoffensive inmate.

The attack on the non-national was described as sickening by sources and was said to have been used by inmates as a tactic to heighten tensions.

The foreign national’s face was slashed, he was beaten and was left with a broken arm and other suspected fractures.

“He received an awful kicking,” said the source.

When riot squads arrived the prison yard turned into a battle field for five minutes as officers and inmates went hand to hand.

At the end of the confrontation 11 inmates, including the tortured prisoner were taken to Tallaght hospital.

Reports indicate that there were two ringleaders, one of whom is a serious criminal from a notorious Dublin crime family who cannot be named as he has a trial pending.

The other suspected ringleader was taken to hospital.

Sources confirmed to  earlier today that inmates ripped down goalposts and razor wire in a protest sources say may be linked to efforts to clamp down on drugs entering the prison.

Two lags remain on the roof of the hospital and are refusing to come down.

“The staff are managing the situation. Two guys have got up on the roof but there is no threat of escape,” a spokesman said.

“The inmates were let into the B-Division yard as per usual when major disturbances broke out,” a source said.

“A number of inmates ripped down goalposts in the yard while wire on the walls was pulled down and several inmates made their way onto the prison roof.”