Revenue seize Operation Transformation leader’s restaurant

John Comny
John Comny

Operation Transformation leader John Comny has been left "devastated" as he claims his business was closed by Revenue while he was on the Ray D'Arcy Show.

"To say I am absolutely devastated is an understatement," the 47-year-old posted on his Facebook page.

"As I was in Dublin last Monday, trying to better myself and promote Erris on national radio, I received a call at 2.50 asking me, 'was I on my work premises?' and 'were there any television camera's in my work premises?'

He described how he thought the call was unusual and offered to call the person back after he was finished on the Ray D'Arcy Show.

"I finished the show at 4.30 to see about 40 missed calls from staff and friends," he continued.

They advised him that two men from the Revenue had arrived at his premises to seize the business as a result of a €9,000 tax bill.

"How long will it take 15 staff to reach €9000 in dole and benefits?", he posted.

The restaurant owner from Bangor Erris in Co. Mayo, lives with his wife Evonne and daughter Amber Lillie (5). He is the head chef of his own restaurant, Fun Bobby’s Bistro, in Belmullet Co. Mayo.

"I was so proud of Fun Bobby's and so happy in Erris and now it's all in tatters," he wrote.