Revenue bust major illicit cigarette trade operation in Dublin

Image of the seizure released by Revenue
Image of the seizure released by Revenue

Following a series of searches in Dublin last night, Revenue believe they have busted a 'major' illicit cigarette trade operation in Dublin.

Revenue officials searched a number of locations in the Dublin 7 and 9 areas last night targeting what they say is a 'major Dublin supply and distribution network in the illicit tobacco trade'. 

Officers, along with their detector dog Bailey, seized significant quantities of illicit tobacco products, with 230,000 cigarettes and 160 kilos of tobacco.

Also seized was a large quantity of cash, which was held under Proceeds of Crime Legislation.

Revenue officers, with the assistance of gardai, also seized documentation, electronic equipment, mobile phones and two vehicles. 

A 38 year old Dublin man, and a number of others, were interviewed.

A prosecution file will be sent to the DPP.

The illicit tobacco products included cigarettes branded ‘L&M, ‘Excellence’, ‘Marlboro Gold’, ‘Richman’ and  ‘Modeng’, and the tobacco is branded ‘Flandria’, ‘Amber Leaf’ and ‘The Turner’.

Revenue estimate that the retail value of the contraband is over €210,000.