Revealed: The 10 shops that have sold the most Lotto jackpot winners

Revealed: The 10 shops that have sold the most Lotto jackpot winners

The National Lottery have revealed the shops that have sold the most Lotto Jackpot winners over the last 29 years.

The figures, which begin at start of the Lottery here in 1988 and runs right up to the end of 2016, show that the GPO in Dublin's city centre tops the list, with 15 jackpot winning tickets sold.

Those winners combined to scoop €15,054,036 between them

Second on the list is a shop right on the border of Donegal and Northern Ireland, O'Neill's of Bridgend.

They have sold a staggering 12 top prize tickets across Lotto, EuroMillions, Monday Million (replaced by Daily Million) and Millionaire Raffle.

Those lucky ticket holders have won €4,993,195 between them.

Shop owner Pearse O’Neill told the Lottery: “We are all very proud of the fact that we are one of the luckiest National Lottery shops in Ireland. We have people come into the shop from all over the country in the hope that they are our next big winners. We haven’t had a jackpot win for a while so we’re definitely due another big one very soon to cement our place on top of the list!” 

The store at number seven on the list is the one with the largest combined prizes handed out.

Ardkeen Superstores, Dunmore Road, Co. Waterford has sold eight winning tickets, resulting in cash of €19,507,321. In September 2013 they sold a EuroMillions winning ticket worth €12.8 million.

In total, five of the top 10 shops are based in Dublin, while Donegal has two on the list.

Cork has two and Waterford has one on the list. No shops from Connacht make the top 10.