REVEALED: RTÉ top ten highest earning presenters

Joe Duffy
Joe Duffy

Releasing the figures this afternoon, the state broadcaster revealed it had cut the amount its top ten presenters were paid by 40pc since 2008.

As the Celtic Tiger came to a close RTÉ’s highest earner Pat Kenny was raking in a whopping €950,967 while the late Gerry Ryan was making €629,865, Marian Finucane earned €570,000 and Ryan Tubridy received €533,333.

Joe Duffy and Miriam O'Callaghan made €408,889 and €301,667 respectively in 2008.

By 2014 Ryan Tubridy was the highest earning contractor with fees earned of €495,000 despite the fact that he had earned more in 2008. (The figures show that his salary soared to €752,950 in 2012 before being cut back significantly.)

Joe Duffy came in second with earnings of €416,893, which is slightly more than his fees earned for 2008.

Marian Finucane received fees of €295,000 in third place, almost half her fees for 2008, while Miriam O'Callaghan's fees dropped by about €20,000 to €280,445 in 2014.

Sean O'Rourke, who had been ranked tenth in 2008 with fees of €218,656, was ranked fourth in 2014 with increased fees of €290,096.

RTÉ’s top ten highest earning presenters made a combined €2,665,364 in 2014 alone.

10. Derek Mooney - €168,871 (- €117,938 on 2008)

9. Colm Hayes - €169,992 (Not in 2008 top ten)

8. Richard Crowley - €174, 120 (Not in 2008 top ten)

7. George Lee - €179,031 (Not in 2008 top ten)

6. Bryan Dobson - €195,816 (Not in 2008 top ten)

5. Miriam O'Callaghan - €280,445 (-€21,222 on 2008)

4. Sean O'Rourke - €290,096 (+€71,440 on 2008)

3. Marian Finucane - €295,000 (-€275,000 on 2008)

2. Joe Duffy - €416,893 (+€8,004 on 2008)

1. Ryan Tubridy €495,000 (-€38,333 on 2008)

The departure of Pat Kenny from RTE in 2013 and the loss of the late Gerry Ryan significantly reduced expenditure on fees at RTE and contributed towards the total reduction in fees of 40 per cent.

RTE's Director General had previously made a commitment to the Oireachtast Joint Committee on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources to publish information on top talent earnings.

RTE had committed to reducing fees by 30 per cent for the period but has exceeded this by 10 per cent.

“With our commitment to reducing top talent presenter fees by over 30% we acknowledged that fees were too high in the past and needed to be reduced," said RTÉ Director-General, Noel Curran.

"The audited figures released today for 2012, 2013 and 2014 see RTÉ exceed our public commitment to significantly reduce the fees paid to our on-air talent, while continuing to value the contribution they make to our public service.

"The reductions come as part of a comprehensive programme of reform which has taken place across the organisation in recent years and which has helped RTÉ deliver a break-even financial result in each of the last two years.”

The total Top 10 presenter earnings for 2014 represents less than 1% of RTÉ’s total operating costs in 2014 and less than 2% of total personnel related operating costs.

RTÉ has reduced its 2014 operating costs by almost €130 million compared to 2008 levels, which represents a reduction of 29%.