New political party Social Democrats state intention of abolishing water charges

The party was formed by Stephen Donnelly, Catherine Murphy, and Róisín Shortall
The party was formed by Stephen Donnelly, Catherine Murphy, and Róisín Shortall

The new party being launched by three Dail deputies today is calling itself the 'Social Democrats'. They have also stated their intention to abolish water charges.

The party launched it's website this morning, telling voters it wants to create a society where everyone can reach their potential.

"We believe in an Ireland where high-quality public services, strong communities and a thriving economy combine to create a society where everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential. Together, we can make this a reality," the party says.

TDs Stephen Donnelly, Roisin Shortall and Catherine Murphy will launch their party at 11am today.

Their website reads:

"The Social Democrats are setting out to launch an ambitious and exciting opportunity for real change in Ireland, and in Irish politics. We aim to provide a space for people to unite and work towards a society where every person has the opportunity to achieve their potential.

"The demand for new and better politics is palpable. We are asking people to join us, to help build a Republic of Equals.

"The party is founded on the core principles of Progress, Equality, Democracy and Sustainability."

They have pledged to immediately abolish water charges and repeal the Eighth Amendment if elected to Government.

A significant red-line is being adopted by the party relates to Irish Water.

Ms Shortall and Ms Murphy said they have not yet paid their bills, but Mr Donnelly said he probably would pay.

The Wicklow/East Carlow TD wants to abolish water charges and ensure the public ownership through a constitutional referendum.