Relative of Eddie Hutch gives grisly details of brutal murder

The smashed glass at the house where Eddie Hutch was shot and killed
The smashed glass at the house where Eddie Hutch was shot and killed

A GRIEVING relative of murder victim Eddie Hutch has described the horrific scenes that unfolded as her brother-in-law was gunned down in cold blood.

“He got about three or four bullets all into the head. It was the worst thing in the world. There was blood all over the walls,” said Ann Gavin in an interview with the Sun.

“They had just been out shopping and they had brought the stuff inside and he was going back outside to move the taxi when they got him.

“They chased him in the door and got him just there in the living room. Eddie’s wife Margaret is in an awful state. She heard the bang and she knew and started running out the back. She said to me, ‘Ann I couldn’t get the door open.’

“Then when the gunfire stopped she ran out and she couldn’t see him coming behind her. She looked back into the house and all she could see was his feet coming out of the sitting room.

Convicted criminal David Byrne - a nephew of 'Fat' Freddie Thompson and a member of the international drugs cartel run by Christy Kinahan - was shot dead when six armed men stormed the north Dublin hotel on Friday afternoon during a boxing weigh-in.

On Monday night, taxi driver Eddie Hutch Senior, a brother of veteran crime boss Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch, was gunned down at his home on Poplar Row in Dublin's north inner city in retaliation.

“Margaret didn’t see him like that, thank God, because when we went in I looked in and tried to check for a pulse and there was nothing. We closed the door over to protect her.

“It was horrible to see something like that. I ran over to see was there a pulse or anything and the blood was like soup.”

Ann also told The Sun she saw the hit team flee from the scene.

“When I heard the bangs I looked out the window and I seen the car, a silver car, the passenger door was open. And I seen them jumping in and they drove off up that way towards Ballybough.

“But there was another car with them because there was a car on the opposite side to the gunmen and when they drove off that car followed them. That was a silver one as well — sort of the same,” she said.

“Margaret’s in bits. If it was one of the others you’d expect it but Eddie was lovely and not involved in anything. It’s going to kick it all off now.”