Rats 'moving in their droves' to areas affected by flooding

Flooding is drawing rats into homes
Flooding is drawing rats into homes

Pest controllers are warning of rat infestations in the aftermath of the floods that affected parts of the country in recent weeks.

Hordes of rats are said to be seeking refuge as flood waters recede.

Families and businesses are at 'high risk' of rat infestation due adverse flooding according to pest control workers.

Experts at 'Rentokil' have reported an increase in calls across the country as a result of the treacherous weather conditions the country has been experiencing.

Dr Colm Moore, technical manager told the Irish Daily Mail: 'We are expecting the calls to our helpline to continue to rise'

Brendan Ryan of the Irish Pest Control Association is also quoted as saying that in the areas worst affected by flooding, rats will be 'moving in their droves'.

"They are a high risk level of rodents seeking sanctuary in dwellings," he added "be it private dwelling or business."

He urged people to check fully before cleaning as rats may take shelter in their property.

Mr Ryan has also warned home owners to fully sanitise and disinfect their property as flood water is likely to be contaminated with bacteria.

In November, pest experts warned that Ireland may be facing a 'plague of super rats' over the coming months due rodents becoming resistant to traditional poison.

Pest control expert Trevor Hayden of Compete Pest Control, also said that rats are becoming bigger and hungrier.

“They are definitely getting bigger – not just here but across Europe.

"Studies are being conduct in England where the rats tails are being snipped off and they are being analysed and we are getting a better idea of them.  

"But we are definitely seeing a resistance to certain types of poisons. What would have killed them in the past is no longer doing it,” Mr Hayden warned.

Wetter summers and milder winters are to blame for rats settling in homes all year round, according to Mr Hayden.