Rats invade Irish homes after floods

Flooding is drawing rats into homes
Flooding is drawing rats into homes

Pest controllers are working flat out to deal with a huge increase in rat infestations thanks to recent flooding.

Speaking to the Star, Trevor Hayden of Complete Pest Control said his company had been getting 50 to 60 calls A DAY from home owners battling the rats, double the number of calls normally received in January.

"It's probably as bad as I've known it for rat infestations at the moment, with most of our calls coming from Cork and western counties that were ravaged by the floods," he told the paper.

The reason for the spike in rats invading homes is because the deluge of water in certain areas destroyed the natural habitat of the animal.

That has forced them to seek shelter elsewhere, which usually means our homes and sheds.

Just last week a woman from Cork spoke about her experience of a rat invasion.

41-year-old Veronica Dilsworth from Cloyne Road, Middleton in Cork left her home on New Year's Day due to rising waters.

"There's €200,000 worth of damage done to our home where we have lived for 17 years.

"When we went back the next day I was disgusted to see many, many rats down at the end of the garden.

"I'm not prepared to go into any of the bathrooms for fear that the rats could come up through the toilets," she said.

Veronica, her husband Joe and her three kids were forced to take shelter in a nearby hotel because their home has been ruined.

It could be more than eight months before they can move back to their flood ravaged home.