Queues in the rain for Apple's new iPhone 7

Queues in the rain for Apple's new iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have gone on sale in the UK, with keen customers queuing in the rain for the water-resistant devices.

The latest iPhones which were announced last week in San Francisco come in a black and jet black finish for the first time.

First in the queue at the Apple Store in Covent Garden was Paul du Buf, 49, from Croydon, who collected a silver iPhone 7.

Apple said yesterday that many versions of the phone had sold out in pre-order, and this morning's queues were made up of those who had reserved a spot to pick up a pre-ordered device.

"I'm just really excited about the new iPhone," said Mr du Buf, when asked why he chose to come so early.

"I really wanted the new camera and the new software."

Both the iPhone 7 and larger 7 Plus have been made water-resistant for the first time, while a new version of the Apple Watch, called the Series 2, has also gone on sale today.

Apple caused controversy when announcing the iPhone 7 when it revealed the new devices would no longer have a headphone jack, instead asking customers to connect headphones via the Lightning connector, or use wireless headsets.