Public want drink drivers 'named and shamed'

Public want drink drivers 'named and shamed'

MORE than half of motorists support the idea of creating a register to name and shame people who drink and drive.

A survey found that 68pc of drivers want the introduction of a publicly accessible live register of those found guilty of drink driving offences.

However, almost half of drivers said the move would not affect their driving behaviour.

In contrast, one-in-five motorists said the risk of being named and shamed would have a major effect on their driving.

The survey of 11,000 motorists, commissioned by AA Ireland, showed that almost 45pc of people “strongly” supported the idea, with almost 23pc being “somewhat” supportive of it.

“Drinking and driving is a reckless, shameful behaviour that should be part of Ireland’s past and not our future.

Motorists have consistently supported strong enforcement and strong sanctions for the offence,” said Conor Faughnan, the AA’s director of consumer affairs.

“Sadly though, it is clear that there are people who have not got the message.

It is a problem that hasn’t gone away.”

The AA said if a live register for drink-drivers was introduced, older drivers appear to be the most likely group to change their driving habits.

More than 30pc of drivers over the age of 56 admitted this system would have at least a “moderate effect” on their behaviour.

In June this year, a poll found that one-in-four men admitted drinking and driving.

Some 15pc of just over 1,000 adults questioned admitted being over the legal limit but still driving.

That figure increased to 24pc among men.

The poll, by Newstalk/RED C and The Pat Kenny Show, showed that drink-driving remains a live issue, and that the general perception is that it is a rural issue.

A total of 77pc said that those in rural areas were more likely to drink and drive.

Those aged between 45 and 54 were most likely to drink and drive.