Public transport prices are changing: What you need to know

Dublin Bus users will experience "modest" increases in fares from December
Dublin Bus users will experience "modest" increases in fares from December

Fares on public transport are changing from the beginning of December, the National Transport Authority has announced

The NTA said the new fares are to encourage people to switch to the increasingly popular Leap Card. 

The aim is to "simplify fares structures and to encourage more people to use Leap card to pay for their journeys by delivering a wide differential between Leap and cash fares."

"Very modest" increases in Dublin Bus fares were announced: 

  • No change for City Centre, Xpresso , Stages 13+ fares(Leap and cash)
  • No change for Leap adult singles
  • No change for Dublin Bus only monthly and annual tickets
  • No change for Leap card daily and weekly caps
  • No change for child fares (Leap and cash)
  • Schoolchild cash fare up 5c and Leap up 2c
  • Multi-operator monthly and annual tickets increase 2.6% - 2.9%
  • Pre-paid rambler tickets up 3.7% – with the objective of encouraging more people to opt for Leap card to pay for these journeys
  • Merging the 4-7 and the 8-13 stage bands for cash-paying customers into one 4-13 band at a €2.70 fare means fares for the previous 4-7 stage go up 15c from 2.55 and fares for the previous 8-13 stage go down 10c from 2.80. This change follows the same stage-fare adjustment for Leap card fares a year ago.

The Authority has approved some moderate fares increases for 2016 rail services.

  • No change for Economy 1 Intercity routes (Dublin/Galway, Dublin/Westport/Ballina, Dublin/Sligo, Limerick/Galway)
  • No change for Intercity student return fares on all routes
  • Short Hop Zone fares increases approved of 1.4% to 4.2%
  • Monthly and annual fare increases capped below 3%
  • Transfer to Leap card encouraged by increasing price of 3-day and 7-day tickets by up to 4%
  • Web fares on intercity services also continue to offer good value for customers who book online in advance of travel

A detailed explanation of the changes can be found here.

For Luas users there will be little change from December:

  • No increase on Child Cash and Leap Fares
  • No increase in daily and weekly Luas Cap
  • No increase in all zones monthly and annual tickets
  • Off-peak Leap card travel encouraged through modest increases in Adult Cash and Leap Peak Fares, and Adult Cash Off-peak Fares  but maintaining Off-Peak Leap fares at current levels
  • Transfer to Leap further encouraged by increasing 1-day, 7-day and 30-day tickets by up to 4% – where Leap offers better value
  • Three zone monthly and annual tickets to be withdrawn

Some annual ticket holders on the Luas will have a €60 increase in their fares. Those passengers with a three zone annual ticket currently pay €850. They will now have to switch to an all-zone ticket costing €910.

Bus Eireann has been given an overall fare increase of 1.5pc, but individual fares will increase by no more than 5pc. In some cases, they will fall by a corresponding amount.

Anne Graham, CEO of the National Transport Authority, said: “We have been moving, over the intervening years, to simplify and streamline public transport fares, so that the prices people pay more accurately reflect the journeys they’re making, and at the same time to cut back on the wide array of different fare types, stages and products, so that the whole question over the cost of travel is an easier one to understand. This process will continue over the next few years.
“We also want to further incentivise people to choose Leap card to pay for their travel – by maintaining a substantial price differential between Leap fares and cash fares.  Leap card is now used to pay for some 1.5 million public transport journeys in Ireland every week – representing about €2.5 million in electronic transactions, which are cheaper for the operators to manage, and mean that the passenger benefits from shorter wait-times at each stop as people pay, as well as paying less for their trip – Leap will always be at least 20% cheaper than cash for a single journey”.