Profits at Dail bar and restaurants up despite low prices

Leinster House
Leinster House

Figures released for 2015 show that the Dail bar and restaurants took in over €1.2m in revenue, leading to very healthy profits.

The data, released by the Houses of the Oireachtas under the Freedom of Information Act show that the combined revenue of the Dail bars and restaurants was €1.236m.

That meant profits of €207,445.

That is a slight increase on 2014, when revenue of €1.14m lead to profits of €204,386.

These tasty returns were achieved despite the fact that prices in Leinster Hosue are considerably lower than what the general public pays on the streets surrounding the building.

A pint of Heineken costs €4.80 in the Dail bar, where as you will pay around €5.60 in the city centre.

Guinness is also a bargain in the Dail, selling at €4.40 compared to a fiver in most pubs in the capital.

The figures also reveal just how many pints were guzzled in the year, with 7,380 pints of Guinness being sunk while 3,690 pints of Heineken were consumed.

The figures for 2016 are expected to be lower due to the long gap in sittings caused by the General Election and longer summer holidays.