Prison officer resigns after being nabbed selling work boots online

Haix prison officer work-boots
Haix prison officer work-boots

A Paso (Prison Administration & Support Officer) officer in a prison has been forced to resign after it emerged he had been selling protective prison issue ‘boots’ over the internet.

Prison authorities have launched a probe to determine the exact number of Haix prison officer work-boots (below) that were sold illegally online.

It’s understood the officer was confronted by senior management in the prison earlier this week. A source said he acknowledged what he had done and tendered his resignation.

PASO grade officers were introduced by the Prison Service in 2011 to carry out administrative and support work in the various institutions of the Prison Service.

“The sale of the boots was discovered when another staff members spotted the adverts on the internet,” a source confirmed.

“This was a case of the person involved admitting his involvement as soon as he was confronted.

“He tendered his resignation, but an investigation is ongoing to establish whether this was an isolated incident or had been ongoing for a period of time,” the source added.

The Sunday World understands the officer was selling the boots for between €35 and €60 a pair and advertised them as being worn by prison officers and guards.

He also advised buyers he could obtain boots in any size required. 

The boots cost in excess of €100 to buy new.