Priest speaks of 'fear, pain, grief, anguish' at Gareth Hutch funeral

Doves are released as Gareth Hutch's coffin is carried into the church
Doves are released as Gareth Hutch's coffin is carried into the church
Mourners carry Gareth Hutch's coffin today
Mourners carry Gareth Hutch's coffin today

The funeral of slain gangland victim Gareth Hutch heard Fr Paddy Madden tell mourners how Gareth’s parents are now “numbed by grief and sadness”.

Gareth’s father was called to receive the “chilling” news of his killing, he said, and both his parents are now left with the “painful reality” of grief.

“Life is precious, Sacred, God given; Gareth’s primary concern was for the safety, wellbeing, care and protection of his son,” Fr Madden said.

The 35-year-old father-of-one became the latest victim of the murderous Kinahan and Hutch feud when he was gunned down at point-blank range on Tuesday of last week as he left his home at Avondale House on North Cumberland Street.

Gareth, a nephew of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch, was waked last night at his family home in the Drumalee estate on the North Circular Road in Dublin.

Friends and family carried the coffin, which was accompanied by floral tributes reading 'neighbour' and 'brother'.

The BeeGee's 1977 hit 'How Deep Is Your Love?' was played as the coffin was brought into the church.

There was a large Garda presence with uniform officers directing traffic while members of the Emergency Response Unit were positioned across from the church.

Members of the Public Order Unit were also on standby nearby, while undercover detectives were patrolling the area.

“We have here parents mourning their child, a painful reality, numbed by grief and sadness,” Fr Madden told mourners.

“A mother - who cherished her son and first loved him in the human order and a wider family bidding farewell:  a father - who was called to receive news of his son’s shooting-chilling news no one wants to receive. Fear, pain, grief, anguish, bewilderment are experienced by the family.”

“Every tragedy has a human face.  Beyond analysis, comment and speculation we have pain and tears.”

Fr Madden called for peace and a “hope-filled future”.

“My earnest prayer today is that we can begin to seek peace and not disaster and for a hope -filled future. I realise the necessity, indeed the urgency of praying for peace and healing,” he told mourners.

“Breaking the cycle of violence is not easy.  It needs courage, restraint, goodwill and right reason: and a desire for peace.”

“We pray that those who may find thoughts of peace or possibility of working for peace difficult or impossible, that they may discover in the bonds of friendship, strength and support to overcome negative feelings.  I know that the desire for peace is the springboard to a better future,” he said.