Renowned Dublin city-centre hotel cancels hosting of extreme-right political party launch

The Merrion Hotel
The Merrion Hotel

The Merrion Hotel had been slammed on social media for a planned hosting of the launch of extreme right-wing political party 'The National Party' in the capital tomorrow.

UPDATE (12:47)

The launch of the ultra right-wing party, scheduled for 3pm on Thursday, has been cancelled by the popular south Dublin city establishment.

A Merrion Hotel spokesperson told the "The event is not taking place tomorrow, that is all we can say."

The five-star Dublin city hotel has been named as the venue in a statement released by the National Party, a new political organisation which promises to represent "the true spirit of the Republic".

The press release from the National Party reveals that Tipperary native Justin Barrett, former Public Relations Officer of the 'Mother and Child' Campaign and Chairman of the 'No to Nice' campaign, is the party's president.

The party's deputy president, according to the, is James Reynolds, former Irish Farmers Association Longford chairman and current national treasurer of the ICSA (Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers Association).

The purpose of the event at the Merrion Hotel is to inform Ireland of the "aims of National Party".

The release blasts the "unrestricted policy of immigration to the point of population displacement" by "elites" who are under the influence of the "increasingly dictatorial Federal European Union".

The final paragraph goes on to say: "That one party, loyal to the Republic and a sovereign people, dedicated to unity by consent, that one party committed to real and sustainable economic growth, that one party which will speak for the great silent majority who have seen the beginnings of "multi-culturalism" with growing dismay, that one party who will represent that so basic of equalities, the equal right to be alive, that party is the National Party."

Unsurprisingly, there was a severely negative reaction to the new party's announcement in the country last night:

There is yet to be any confirmation on whether or not the Merrion Hotel was aware of the planned event's nature.

A hotel spokesperson told the that management is "in the process of dealing with this situation", though no statement has been issued by the south Dublin city establishment.

In response to the press release, a Facebook event titled "INTERnational party to oppose fascist clowns" was set up by the Anti Racism Network Ireland:

The National Party is the second extreme right-wing movement to launch in the country in the past two years.

In 2015, Identity Ireland - a Pegida-linked anti-immigration party - was formed, headed by Peter O'Loughlin.