Cops launch 'win a house' competition for local drug dealers

Cops launch 'win a house' competition for local drug dealers

Police in Craigavon have launched a competition exclusively for local drug dealers.

For officers are offering dealers in the area the chance to win a free house.

But only if they turn up to Craigavon police station with proof that they are, in fact, dealers (i.e., with a whole load of drugs).

The competition was announced last night on Craigavon PSNI's Facebook page

The post read: "Evening folks, after a few days leave I'm feeling generous. Competition time!
Are you dealing drugs in the Craigavon area? If so, call in to Lurgan station with proof, and enter a free draw for a new house*.




The spoof post prompted hundreds of comments, with some people joking that at least one dealer would probably be dumb enough to enter.

Mind you, drug dealers aren't known for their intellect.

Last month Craigavon PSNI told of how a man turned up at the station while on bail to be interviewed about burglary and illegal drug possession - with hash resin in his pocket - leading to him being arrested again...