Police discharge pepper spray as English fans try to provoke Irish in Lyon

England fans (File Picture)
England fans (File Picture)

French police were forced to intervene on England fans who tried to provoke the Irish in Lyon last night.

England play Iceland in Nice on Monday and a number of their fans are staying in Lyon where Ireland play France tomorrow.

One Ireland fan told that the vast majority of England fans in Lyon have been very friendly but one group "tried to provoke trouble" in the early hours outside a fast food restaurant.

"Most have been absolutely sound but one group approached Ireland fans outside a pizza place and started to sing anti-IRA songs. It was quite clear they were looking for trouble and was starting to get nasty," one Ireland fan told

"There was a large crowd of Ireland fans present and they must be commended for not reacting. The French police were nearby and they waded in with pepper spray when they saw the incident escalating.