'Please find my brother and Anna'

Anna Varslavane and Willie Maughan
Anna Varslavane and Willie Maughan

THESE are the photos of a life stopped in its tracks by ruthless gangsters.

Stunning Anna Varslavane was a woman enjoying her life in Ireland, unaware she would soon cross paths with evil.

The 21-year-old Latvian woman and her Irish boyfriend Willie Maughan have been missing since April 14 and are both feared dead.

The families cling to the hope that pictures like these may trigger a memory in someone to come forward and let them know what has happened to the couple.

Relatives are also furious that the criminals suspected to be behind the disappearance think they have got away with it.

“My brother and Anna are gone seven weeks today. You dirty scum to do that to my brother and Anna,” wrote Shirley Maughan.

“It will haunt youse for the rest of your lives. William’s family will not stop pleading ‘til we get our brother back and Anna.”

The anger is also mixed with a heartfelt plea for information.

“Please someone say something to bring them back. Youse evil scum on Earth. Took our loving brother and our hearts and souls away from us,” Shirley added.

The Sunday World previously revealed that the couple are thought to have fallen foul of a criminal gang who control a huge cocaine and heroin-dealing network based in Louth and Dublin.

Last week it emerged from traveller sources that the couple are feared to have been beaten to death with hammers before their bodies were dumped.

Sources claimed that the 38-year-old Tallaght man was first run over by a car before being killed with Anna.

The gangsters are thought to have been worried by Maughan’s plan to move back to his family home to turn over a new leaf. The criminals feared he knew too much about their crimes.

The gang is headed by two men who took over the network left behind by slain drug dealer John Paul Joyce.

One leading member was arrested and questioned by detectives, but has since been released.

Last week, William Maughan’s father said the family accepted the couple were dead ahead of an appeal broadcast on RTE’s Crimecall. Joseph Maughan said, however, that they want to give them “a Christian burial together”.

The couple were last seen alive on Tuesday, April 14, in the Gormanstown area of Co. Meath.