Plane packed with Irish fans aborts take off at Dublin Airport


A plane full of Irish fans enroute to Lille for tonight's Italy game had to abort take off at Dublin airport this morning.

The Brussels bound Ryanair flight was due to take off from Dublin Airport this morning at 6.30am.

The Boeing 737-800 had commenced its take off run before the pilot slammed on the brakes much to the disappointment of the mostly green-clad passengers.

Fans are nervously awaiting the technical crews examination of the yet to be revealed issue on flight FR1452.

The Green Army have their fingers crossed as they are now awaiting a plane to come from Stansted.

It is understood the crowds will be approximately two to three hours behind schedule.

The delay has already forced fans to miss flight connections as they bid to reach the north eastern French city in time for this evening's crunch Euro 2016 game.

A spokesperson for Ryanair told "This flight from Dublin to Brussels (22 June) returned to stand ahead of take-off due to a minor technical issue.

"Customers boarded a replacement aircraft, which departed to Brussels later this morning. Ryanair sincerely apologised to all customers affected by this short delay."