Pipe bomb explosion in Dublin sends shrapnel flying into apartment

Damage to the windows caused by pipe bomb shrapnel (Pics via
Damage to the windows caused by pipe bomb shrapnel (Pics via

A pipe bomb that exploded on a car parked outside a Dublin apartment smashed through the kitchen window of a neighbouring property.

The shocking incident happened at 11.30pm last night in the Fernleigh estate in Castleknock.

In a previous incident this year a shotgun blast was fired at the ground floor apartment below, causing damage to the front door.

Gardai believe that in the latest incident a pipe bomb was placed on a car outside the apartment, but when it exploded the shrapnel from it flew up into the window of the apartment above the one previously targeted.

"It's by luck that there was nobody in the kitchen. The cap of the pipe bomb came straight through the window and it would have hit anyone if they were there," the innocent owner told

"Anybody walking by on the street could have been hit by it also," he added.

Two panes of glass in the apartment were broken by the pipe bomb fragments.

The car that was targeted was also extensively damaged.

"It's worrying, this is the second attack on the street. We just hope it ends now," said the owner of the damaged apartment.

In the previous attack the man living in the apartment that was shot at told he did not know why his home was targeted.

In that attack two men pulled up outside on a black motorbike, and one of them fired a shot at the door before speeding away from the scene.

Gardai are investigating both incidents.