'Pipe bomb' attack in Dublin

(Pic: Irish Independent)
(Pic: Irish Independent)

Gardai are investigating what is believed to be the explosion of a pipe bomb in the front garden of a house in Clonshaugh overnight.

The improvised device appears to have been placed in a flower pot near the front door of the house on Newbury Park and exploded at 10pm.

Gardai were alerted immediately and they in turn notified the army bomb disposal unit who arrived at 11.40pm to carry out a post-blast analysis on the remains of the device.

 A double-glazed panel in the front door of the house was shattered when the device exploded.

Gardai are trying to establish why the house where innocent people live was targeted in the attack.

They declared the scene safe at 12.50am.

Gardai in Coolock are investigating the incident but say the development is a worrying one as the device could have injured or killed anyone who might have picked it up or been beside it when it went off.

"This was obviously a viable device and designed to cause harm," a garda source said.

There were no initial reports of injuries but paramedics from Dublin Fire Brigade were sent to the scene as a precaution.

A motive for the attack is not yet known.