PICS: Mobster's ex lived the high life before CAB took her house

Gangster's ex Ciara Mahony poses for the camera
Gangster's ex Ciara Mahony poses for the camera

Gangster’s moll Ciara Mahony enjoyed the high life for years with boozy nights out, holidays to Dubai and even a lavish white-themed wedding.

As our pictures show, she enjoyed a life that most can only dream of, but this week she wasn’t smiling as she faced the grim reality of liv­ing off the proceeds of crime.

Mahony in Dubai

Ciara told a court that her marriage to drug boss Brian Ma­hony was over and that she was desperate to hold on to her home, which the CAB had seized.

Complete with bullet-proof win­dows and doors, a top-of-the-range security system with CCTV cam­eras, giant plasma screens and a bespoke kitchen, the house is her pride and joy and she told the court that she paid for it with her wages from a newsagent.

But Ciara was given nine months to find new accommodation for her­self and her children after losing her court bid to keep the house.

Husband Brian – described as a drug dealer in court and named as a key player in the Kinahan cartel – is facing a €1.25 million Revenue demand. And CAB want to sell the property to fund the unpaid debt.

The couple once be­lieved they were the envy of neighbours in the respectable north Dublin es­tate where they live.

Brian bought their corner house in River­side Drive in 2006 when the pair had their first child together. He also bought a holiday home in the south of Spain and expensive cars.

Officers believe he was working as a main distributor of drugs in Ireland and involved in money laundering for the Kinahan outfit.

Mahony on a boozy night out

At one point himself and Mat­thew  Dunne met with cocaine kingpin Philip Baron to discuss a joint operation to cultivate grow houses in the West of Ire­land. The project never got off the ground but it is understood that both Mahony and Dunne travelled extensively around the west of Ireland to choose suitable locations.

In 2010 the pair set up Impress Dry Cleaners, which was also under investiga­tion by the CAB as one of many com­panies he set up as a money-laundering facility in Ireland for the Kinahan gang.

That same year, Mahony, riding high on his new-found suc­cess, made an honest woman of Ciara and she immediately changed her name. They married in a lavish white-themed ceremony. Our pictures show her posing on a beach in Dubai in 2012 – while the Bureau were beavering away to unravel her hus­band’s financial affairs. Ironically, her ample assets were a gift from a former partner – heroin scum Jeffrey Mitchell from Crumlin, Dublin.

They stayed at the five-star At­lantis The Palm in Dubai, where rooms cost more than €500 per night, and also jetted to Disney­land Paris.

Four years ago Mahony ran into trouble with the Real IRA, who had realised what a major player he had become and wanted some of the action. When Mahony refused, the RIRA pipe-bombed his home and as a result he and his wife installed bullet-proof windows at the cost of up to €50,000.

He also had to employ the protec­tion services of a well known Con­tinuity IRA figure from Dundalk.

Ciara is no stranger herself to breaking the law. Friends say the blonde, who is obsessed with fake nails, tan and hair extensions, once set up her boss to be robbed by her ex and his cronies as he made his way to the bank.

Ciara Mahony at the five-star Atlantis The Palm in Dubai

She was jailed for her part in the robbery of the Perfume Shop in the Square shopping centre in Tallaght, Dublin, in 2002, dur­ing which more than €60,000 was robbed from owner Daniel McKeagney.

Ciara, then named Ciara Nolan, got 12 months when a court heard that she facilitated the robbery by telling Mitchell of her boss’s movements with the money on the morning of the smash and grab.

Brian Mahony started out work­ing as a driver for members of the Kinahan organisation in Ireland and spent his days driving his van around the city delivering con­signments of heroin, cannabis and coke to small-time dealers. He was little more than a cog in the wheel to begin with.

In 1998 he suffered a set­back when he was arrested along with Coolock drug dealer Gerard Bolger when they were caught with €250,000 worth of cannabis in a van.

Mahony got three years but on his re­lease was determined to make a proper career out of drug dealing himself and rise up the ranks of Kina­han’s growing or­ganisation.

Brian and Ciara Mahony's wedding

This week his wife told the court that they split up 18 months ago and he only visits her now to see the kids.

Pleading for leniency, she told Jus­tice Paul Gilligan that she would be ‘devastated’ to lose her home.

After hearing her testimony he said that her evidence on how she made mortgage payments was “sketchy” and said: “The clear inference is someone else must have been assisting her to make the payments.”