PICS: Hundreds attend funeral of Regency Hotel shooting victim

David Byrne's coffin being carried into the church
David Byrne's coffin being carried into the church
Gardai outside the church where the funeral of David Byrne (inset) is taking place
Gardai outside the church where the funeral of David Byrne (inset) is taking place
Signs on the gate of the church
Signs on the gate of the church

There was a significant Garda presence at the funeral of David Byrne in Dublin today

In the region of 500 mourners are attending the funeral at the church of St Nicolas of Myra on Francis Street in Dublin 8, which began at 12.30pm.

This afternoon scores of people lined the narrow grounds and the street outside as the American-style casket holding Byrne's body was shouldered past the crowd this afternoon.

Eight young men wearing dark blue suits carried the coffin of murder victim Byrne (34) into his funeral Mass this afternoon.

Inside, the parish priest Fr Martin Dolan spoke about Mr Byrne's brutal death, saying for a person to carry out such an act in cold blood they would have to be dehumanised.

He also questioned whether the killers would have shot Mr Byrne if they saw a film of his life - which would have betrayed him as both a loving partner and father.

The funeral Mass ended shortly after 2pm, and the funeral cortege then started to make its way to Mount Jerome Cemetery.

Gardaí had stepped up armed patrols in the city to deter any attempts to escalate the feud between two of the country's gangs at the funeral service.

Defence Forces are on standby to assist them in bomb sweeps around the city.

There is a significant garda presence at the funeral, with officers keeping press photographers and videographers about 150 metres from the church gates which are locked.

Signs on the gates of the church have said that no photography or audio or video recordings will be permitted within the church grounds.

Francis Street itself will remain closed while the funeral was underway, while a number of business premises on the street have remained closed.

At around 12.20pm 20 limousines left Mr Byrne's home at Raleigh Square and made their way slowly to the church.

The route for the transport had been agreed in advance with gardai lining up along the road from Crumlin to Francis Street.

Armed checkpoints and patrols have been in place across the city since the Regency attack and the tit-for-tat murder of Eddie Hutch Senior in the north inner city last Monday.