Pics: Irish woman's miracle escape as SWAN smashes through windscreen

The aftermath of the smash
The aftermath of the smash
The aftermath of the smash
The aftermath of the smash

Mary Murphy has spoken about how lucky she is to be alive after a swan smashed into the windscreen of her car as she drove on the Cork to Limerick road yesterday.

Mary was driving her Suziki SX4 along the road from Mallow to Cork when the terrifying impact happened.

The bird, believed to be ill or disoriented, flew low over the road and crashed straight into Mary's windscreen.

The bird was killed by the impact and while its body entered the car and even dislodged the rear-view mirror, Mary miraculously escaped unhurt, after somehow staying composed enough to bring the car to a safe halt on the hard shoulder.

"I am still shaking over what happened," Mary said.

"There was no warning at all. The swan just hit the windscreen. It was like a bomb going off.

"Thankfully, I didn't brake hard because if I had I definitely would have been hit from behind by other cars on the road."

The incident happened between the Blarney and Killeens junctions. 

A report on shows the photos of the shocking aftermath which were posted on the RedFM Facebook page this morning.