PIC: Weapons used by father and daughter to kill Jason Corbett

A 28-inch Louisville Slugger baseball bat
A 28-inch Louisville Slugger baseball bat

These pictures taken moments after Jason Corbett was brutally murdered show his wife Molly Martens Corbett and father-in-law Thomas Martens, as well as the crude weapons used to kill the Limerick man

The crime scene photos, taken by police after they were called to the family home in August 2015, show the "injuries" that Martens Corbett claimed she suffered in an attack by her husband.

Police told the trial that they repeatedly asked Martens Corbett (33) to stop rubbing her neck after they attended the scene.


The jury saw through her lies, however, and this week found her, and her father, guilty of second degree murder.

The pair have been sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison.

Also pictured are the crude weapons used to beat father-of-two Jason (39) to death at the family home in Panther Creek, North Carolina.


A 28-inch Louisville Slugger baseball bat and a stone garden paving brick were used to inflict horror injuries in the attack.

The blows were so violent and caused such damage to his skull that pathologist Dr Craig Nelson could only estimate that Mr Corbett suffered at least 12 times.

Mr Martens and his daughter argued self-defence.


The former FBI agent (67) claimed that he interrupted a dispute between his daughter and his son-in-law early that morning in which Mr Corbett was allegedly trying to strangle the woman. Mr Martens said he struck Mr Corbett with a baseball bat to defend both himself and his daughter.

The photos have been released by police in North Carolina after yesterday's guilty verdict.