PIC: Horror injury of man shot by pal who drank two pints of whiskey

Noel Enright
Noel Enright

THE VICTIM of Sons of Anarchy shooter Liam Flynn today blasts the decision to free the drunken farmer without a jail sentence – as he reveals the full horror of the injuries he suffered from Flynn’s close range shotgun blast.

Noel Enright, who was blasted with more than 100 pellets in the thigh, describes the decision to free Clare farmer Flynn as “a joke”, adding doctors initially assessed his chances of survival at one per cent.

Speaking last night for the first time about the case, Mr Enright said he did not believe he had received justice.

“Happy to be alive, the stats say I had a one per cent chance of survival. The verdict, a bit like this country, is a joke,” he said.


On Friday Flynn was given a four-year suspended sentence after a court heard graphic evidence of how he blasted Noel at close range with a shotgun, after first downing two pints of whiskey and a half bottle of liqueur while watching the pair’s favourite programme Sons of Anarchy.

Noel said Flynn turned nasty after first accusing Noel’s then Brazilian girlfriend Taci of being a spy and branding Noel, who he formerly attended church with, of being a Garda tout.

This week a stunned Taci (below) – who returned to Recife in Brazil after breaking up with Noel eight months after the shooting – said she was stunned to learn of the claims that were made about her.

“Of course I’m not a spy… I was there [in Ireland] studying English. I had only ever met him [Liam Flynn] once. I don’t know why he would say that. It’s mad.”


Appearing before Ennis Circuit Court earlier this week, Flynn (53) pleaded guilty to assault causing harm of Noel Enright (41), but disputed claims the shooting had been deliberate.

Counsel for Flynn, Lorcan Connolly BL, said his client shot his “great pal” Mr Enright in the left upper thigh after Flynn had drank “two pints of whiskey” at his farmhouse.

The two friends used to meet up regularly and Mr Enright used to stay at Flynn’s home at least once a week, where they would consume “volumes” of alcohol and watch their favourite TV show.

Mr Connolly told Judge Gerard Keys: “The goings on in the house that night could have been taken out of the Sons of Anarchy, the favourite show of the two gentlemen.”

Popular U.S. crime drama Sons of Anarchy follows an outlaw motorcycle gang in California as they battle with rival groups over the illegal firearms trade. Critics have claimed the show – which ran from 2008 to 2014 – explored themes of redemption and brotherhood.

Describing the graphic scenes he encountered after arriving at the scene in Flynn’s Tulla farmhouse at 2.15am on January 28, 2015, Garda Iomar McClearn said he found a blood-soaked Mr Enright on the couch with blood and flesh splattered on the wall behind him.

The court heard also how, after shooting his best pal, Flynn also sought a type of redemption. 


His barrister told the court that while recovering in hospital from the shotgun blast, Mr Flynn (above) brought Mr Enright a holy statue, a prayer book and holy water.

He said that two days before the events on January 27-28, the two had gone to the cathedral in Ennis to be present at Bishop Kieran O’Reilly’s last Mass in the diocese. With them was Mr Enright’s girlfriend, Taci.

In the case, the two men offered conflicting accounts of what occurred on the night. 

In his statement to Gardaí, Mr Enright said: “I remember Liam saying to me ‘do you know that girl, Taci, you are seeing? She is a spy’.

“At that I started roaring laughing and Liam jumped up and pulled out his gun and said ‘you are a f**king tout for the Gardaí’ and bang! He shot me. I was sitting on the couch.”

Mr Flynn told gardaí at the scene that Mr Enright was his “best friend for years and it [the gun] just went off”. 

Mr Connolly said Flynn, who is unable to work due to a disability, has sold property to offer €20,000 in compensation to Mr Enright.