Perv who filmed women in leisure centre changing rooms faces ban

Michael Campbell.JPG
Michael Campbell.JPG
Aurora complex in Bangor (Pic Google)
Aurora complex in Bangor (Pic Google)

A pervy Bangor man could be banned from using mixed changing rooms after he was caught filming women on his mobile phone.

Michael Campbell, 26, from Cranley Road in Bangor, was convicted of two counts of voyeurism in relation to two women and two counts attempted of voyeurism in relation to two boys at the Aurora Centre in Bangor.

 The charges read the Campbell had recorded the women “for the purpose of sexual gratification”.

 Campbell gave evidence on his own behalf, saying that he wasn’t a paedophile, but admitted filming one of the women using his mobile phone under the partition of the cubicle and attempting to film another woman.

 He said he failed to film the other woman because he “didn’t hit the button right”.

He denied that he’d attempted to film the second woman’s children because he said he’d heard her telling her 11 and four-year-old boys to leave and meet their father.

 Speaking to the court Campbell said: "I attempted to take a video over the cubicle, thinking the children were away. But I didn't do it, because I didn't press the button right."

 The court heard that the boys’ mother was alerted when one of her sons spotted Campbell attempting to take a video over the top of her cubicle.

Prosecutors said that no information was retrieved from Campbell’s mobile.

Campbell claimed that his mobile phone had been damaged when he inadvertently taken it into the water while on holiday.

No other relevant information was found on the laptop of Campbell or on two of his other mobile phones.

 At Newtownards Magistrate’s Court, District Judge Mark Hamill said he may also put Campbell on the police sex offenders register.

Campbell will return for sentencing tomorrow.