'Paramilitary link' to barbaric shooting of woman in Newtownabbey

'Paramilitary link' to barbaric shooting of woman in Newtownabbey

It is alleged there was a paramilitary link to the 'barbaric' shooting of a woman by masked men in Derry on Sunday evening.

The woman was shot after armed gunmen burst into her house on Sunday evening on Ballyronan Park. The 47-year-old woman was shot at 7.45pm as she fled from the house.

Two men were in the house at the time, and one suffered injuries to his legs and face during the attack.

Now the PSNI have said that they are looking at a link to loyalist paramilitaries as a "key line" of their enquiries.

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin said the attack was "a gross violation of human rights. There was no process, no legal system, no rules of evidence, no human rights at all.

“This was just people probably acting on rumour, gossip and innuendo turning up at a woman’s house and shooting her in the legs.

 “I am always shocked no matter who is attacked, but when it is a lady it grabs the conscious more.

“It is an extremely rare event that, what has all the hallmarks of a paramilitary shooting, occurs on a lady.

“It is very worrying.”

North Belfast SDLP MLA Alban Maginness said: "For anyone to so viciously and callously inflict gunshot wounds on anyone is totally abhorrent.

“But to shoot a woman as she flees her home for safety is sickening and vile.

“Those behind this have committed an unspeakably cruel crime and must be brought to justice.”