Paedo doctor threatened by terrorists

Piotr Dziurdzik leaves Antrim Crown Court [PIC: MARK JAMIESON]
Piotr Dziurdzik leaves Antrim Crown Court [PIC: MARK JAMIESON]

A paedophile doctor was told he’d be executed by the UDA if he didn’t leave a Co. Antrim town within 24 hours.

The Sunday World can reveal twisted Piotr Dziurdzik – who admitted to having almost 3,000 indecent images of children – was warned he’d be shot dead if he remained  in Ballymoney.

The deadly ultimatum was delivered to the 47-year-old after news of his crimes reached north Antrim terror bosses last month.

The former Causeway Hospital medic, who had been living at a property in the Meeting House Street area, immediately fled under police watch and hasn’t been seen since.

“He was gone within hours,” a source told the Sunday World last night. “He was left in no uncertain terms what would happen if he didn’t leave, and leave quickly. 

“He’d been living there for some time with his family and was considered salt of the earth. When news broke of what he’d done no-one could believe it. And it didn’t take long for the UDA to move in.

“Given what these people are capable of, he’s lucky he even got a warning. 

“No-one wants thugs taking the law into their own hands here in the town, but at the same time no-one wants a paedophile on their doorstep. He’s gone now, and he definitely won’t be back.”

It is understood the Polish-born anaesthetist is now living in emergency accommodation where authorities are keeping a close eye on his movements.
The one-time top doc is facing jail after admitting up to 33 charges, including 27 of having indecent photographs of children.

The offences were committed between 2012 and 2015.

Dziurdzik was due to go on trial last month but asked to be re-arraigned before pleading guilty.

Over 200 of the disturbing images were in the most serious categories.

On Thursday prosecutor Michael Chambers told Antrim Crown Court that when confronted by police he readily admitted what he had done.

The doctor, who claimed he was often drunk when viewing images, described his offending as “a paradox... knowing something is forbidden” and likened it to “Adam and Eve... the forbidden apple”.

He said it “happened on occasion I was watching adult sites, there was links to sites we’re talking about. It’s not my area of interest”.

The lawyer told Judge Sandra Crawford that the vast majority of images were of girls, and the age range was mainly between eight and 12, although “there were a smaller number of images of younger children”.

Defence barrister Francis Rafferty said Dziurdzik’s behaviour was both “disgraceful and appalling”.

He said it would be “rare for the courts to witness a more precipitous fall from grace”.

He also revealed the dmedichad been seeking professional help from specialists in the field of sexual offending in an effort to understand what had happened.

The lawyer said there were “no circumstances in which he will be able to practise medicine again and quite rightly expects to be barred from practice”.

The court was also told of the suspended doc’s plans to return to his family in Poland.

Judge Crawford said given the seriousness and complexities of the case, she wished to reflect on the issues before passing sentence next week.

Dziurdzik will be sentenced on Wednesday.