Outcry as mindless youths destroy life-saving defibrillator in Irish town

Mindless: The destroyed equipment is flung into the street
Mindless: The destroyed equipment is flung into the street

CCTV footage of several mindless youths destroying a valuable defibrillator has outraged a small Irish town.

Shocking footage of the senseless incident was uploaded to social media by Geraldine Nolan earlier today. 

In it three hooded youths are walking past the defibrillator when one of them stops and begins opening the box which contains the life-saving equipment.

A second youth walks over and then begins tearing the priceless equipment from the box and unceremoniously flinging it into the street. 

The incident occurred in the town of Arklow in Wicklow, and gardai there are investigating the destruction of the equipment. It is reported the suspects were nearly nabbed by gardai who arrived on the scene just as the trio were fleeing. 

The newly installed defibrillator, worth an estimated €1,900, was ripped from the wall at the 7 Eleven supermarket on Abbey Street during the early hours of Thursday morning. 

The device was only put up around five weeks ago according to Geraldine Nolan, who owns the shop where it was attached to the outside wall.

John Summers of the Arklow Community First Responders said, "I just can’t comprehend how someone can destroy a piece of very expensive life saving equipment paid for by the generosity of the local community. Gardai have informed me that they are following a definite line of inquiry. Hopefully someone will be held accountable for this mindless, senseless and savage attack.”

Nolan uploaded the videos to Facebook, asking whether anybody recognised the culprits. Her posts have been shared almost 3,000 times and have been commented on by hundreds of people. 

One user wrote, "I can't fathom the stupidity of people who vandalise anything that doesn't belong to them, let alone life saving equipment. People spend weeks raising funds for these much needed difibs and these muppets come along and destroy them in a matter of seconds."

If anybody has any information regarding the vandalism they can contact gardai. 

A garda spokesman said: "Gardai in Arklow are investigating an incident of criminal damage in which a defibrillator was damaged. It happened at approximately 2am this morning. No arrests and the investigation is ongoing. Witnesses are asked to contact Arklow Garda Station."
Footage courtesy of Geraldine Nolan.