Orange Order tells perv he's no longer welcome

David Hall
David Hall

Disgraced pervert David Hall has been snubbed by his former Orange Order brethren.

The Sunday World can reveal Hall, convicted of sexually assaulting two schoolgirls, has made pathetic attempts to be reinstated within the Order, claiming he has a right to get on with his life.

Hall has made several approaches to members in the Antrim District Order to see if he would be welcomed back with open arms.

However, the convicted child abuser was told he was wasting his time and his request would not be passed to district level for discussion as he hoped.

“There is no chance a man with his history is getting back into the Orange Order and he was told that,” said one Order source.

“He wanted some of the members to put a proposal to the district but it never even got that far – he was told to take himself off. 

“Davy Hall says he has the right to start leading a normal life again and he can do that but he won’t be doing it bringing the Orange Order into disgrace. He will always be a child abuser and that’s why he will never be back, it was never going to happen,” he said.

Hall is said the have been confident that he would be allowed to bury his past, however many have proved to be unforgiving, including the two young pupils he abused when he was Head of History at Parkhall College in Antrim.

His two victims spoke out after Hall publicly stated he wanted to move on from his sordid past, moaning that his sick actions had ruined his life.

“I lost my job and my career, I am doing my best to move on. The incident I was involved in was 14 years ago, I have paid the price,” he said.

However, his schoolgirl victims stated they had never been allowed to move on. They are still struggling to accept what their teacher did to them on the night of their school formal when they were just 14 and 15 years old.

Both mothers now live in constant fear that something similar could happen to one of their children.

“Hall says he has paid the price and wants to move on. Tell me how do I move on? This wasn’t just some grope as people seem to think. 

“I was just 15 years old and he was my history teacher and he abused that trust,” said one victim.

She left school without qualifications, the stress of the attack and court case too hard to bear. She also began to self-harm.

Another victim revealed how he abused her,, telling her ‘you know you want it’. She left school after being bullied because of what had happened with the father-of-two. She also self-harmed.

Last month it was also revealed that Hall was running Battle of Antrim Walking tours. He was pictured with the DUP’s Nigel Kells who later confirmed he knew nothing of his past.

Hall, after months of maintaining his innocence, pleaded guilty to three of the 10 charges put against him. He received 13 months, suspended for two years and was placed on the sex offenders register.

The Orange Order, led by Edward Stevenson, confirmed Hall’s failed attempts to be reinstated.

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