Orange hall attacked in 'hate crime'

Orange hall attacked in 'hate crime'

Police investigating damage to an Orange hall in Newtownstewart last night have said they are treating the attack as a 'hate crime'.

The attack took place at Strawletterdallon Orange Hall, Plumbridge Road, Newtownstewart during the night.

It wasn't reported to police until after 7am this morning.

Windows and the door of the hall had been damaged.

It is the third time the hall has been attacked in three months.

An Orange Order spokesperson said: "This was an act of wanton vandalism with the clear intention to cause damage and destruction to Orange property.

"However, the culprits are actually harming the wider community and groups who use the hall as a social hub and meeting place."

Police are treating this incident as a hate crime and Inspector Alison Ferguson is appealing for anyone with any information that can assist with the investigation to contact officers in Strabane Police Station on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.