One third of Irish Euro 2016 fans won't go due to terror fears

Ireland fans will still be a major presence at Euro 2016
Ireland fans will still be a major presence at Euro 2016

A survey has revealed one third of Ireland fans who had considered travelling to support the Boys in Green changed their mind due to the recent terrorist attacks in France and Belgium.

iReach insights surveyed 1,000 people to judge their views on the tournament and while many thousands will still travel to support Martin O'Neill's men, some green army members decided to skip the tournament due to terror fears.

The survey revealed that only six per cent of the population had intended or planned to travel to France for the tournament.

However, of that number, one in three decided not to go or are considering not going due to the attacks in Paris and Brussels.  

Men (16%) appear less concerned about the risks of travelling to France this summer compared to women (50%).

The good news for the Irish team is that there will still be thousands there to cheer them on.

Fifteen per cent say that the terror attacks will have no effect on their travel plans and 44 per cent say they are concerned but are still planning to travel to matches.

With six per cent of the population coming in at over 200,000, and with two thirds of those still planning to go, there will still be a huge Irish presence to support the squad this summer.

And there will be massive support at home too.

Two out of three fans will watch the game at home or in a friend's house while one in five will watch the games in the pub.

Only 20 per cent of those surveyed said they will be doing everything they can to ignore the tournament.