One in five Irish cars has invalid NCT disc

A forged disc previously purchased by Sunday World
A forged disc previously purchased by Sunday World

Ireland is in the midst of a forged document epidemic according to a new survey from which claims that almost one in five cars on the road has an invalid NCT disc.

The research shows that 19.8 per cent of Irish cars do not have a certificate of roadworthiness from the National Car Testing Service.

Justin Kavanagh of said: “It’s extremely worrying just how easy it now is to obtain fake certificate.

“Of greater concern is that the individuals purchasing vehicles with these fake NCTYs are putting way too much trust in them.

“They are expecting a car to be mechanically sound because it has apparently passed the National Car Test and are trusting the mileage reading printed on the certificate, which in my opinion is not wise.

“By simply purchasing a vehicle history check, you will be provided with the genuine NCT expiry date, history, certificate number verification and previous mileage readings if available.”

Reports indicate that forged NCT documents can be purchased for as little as €50, but any motorist found with one on their car, even without their knowledge, could be subject to five penalty points, a €2,000 fine or even three months in prison.

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