One former Intel employee and another man arrested over bomb scare

One former Intel employee and another man arrested over bomb scare

Two men have been arrested in connection with a hoax bomb alert at Intel’s plant in Co Kildare, which cost the company millions of euro in lost production.

Gardai collared the suspects following a top secret operation, but instead of hardened terrorists, gardai found two Irish nationals aged 19 and 20.

A source told The Herald:

"These lads were on a three-day bender and they decided to do this. They were clearly off their heads on booze and God knows what.

"They were identified within hours of the investigation from phone records and CCTV.”

The men were questioned for a number of hours before being released without charge.

Reports indicate that the 20-year-old man was caught with over €600 worth of cannabis when gardai raided his home.

The 19-year-old man is a disgruntled former employee of the computer chip maker who is understood to have been "let go" by the company who he worked for on a contract basis.

"It is believed the older individual, who has convictions for public order and drug offences, is the man who made the call. A file will now be sent to the DPP," said the source.

The caller had claimed that 12 devices had been placed at various locations across the large complex in north Kildare, but in a subsequent search none were found.

The caller used an "Islamist term" when he made the call, but gardai were quickly satisfied that the call was not the work of Islamic terrorists and the army bomb disposal team was not called out to the plant.

However, the incident was still treated as a security alert and gardai and Intel's Emergency Response Team treated the threat seriously. They immediately evacuated the hundreds of staff who were already at work.