O'Donnell's need to leave their home by 4pm

Brian O'Donnell and his wife face up to eviction
Brian O'Donnell and his wife face up to eviction

Dublin-based solicitor Brian O'Donnell and his wife Mary Patricia have been ordered to leave their home by 4pm today after losing their High Court battle.

However, Mr O’Donnell, who owes Bank of Ireland €71m, has reportedly told supporters he will not be budging from the spectacular property on Vico Road, in Dublin.

O’Donnell and his wife have not left the house at Gorse Hill in Killiney since Monday, with anti-eviction campaigners the new Land League backing their cause.

The court's decision to reject an application by the O'Donnell children for an injunction to stop the repossession of the property in Killiney on Monday appeared to be an end game for the family, with representatives of receivers pinning a notice of trespass and to vacate on the gates of the property (below).

Claiming to speak on behalf of the O’Donnell's outside the Four Courts, Jerry Beades, of the New Land League, said the case was no different to every other bank repossession in the country.

“The injunction proceedings have failed but the case still goes on,” he said. The judge hasn’t struck out the proceedings and an appeal will be lodged.”

“The issues are the same whether you owe €50,000 or €5m. The O’Donnell bank cases demonstrates all that is wrong in the justice system and banking in Ireland.”

Now all eyes will fall on the O'Donnell's to see whether they comply with the court order to vacate the property later today.