Oddball fined for nicking knickers from neighbour's washing line

Daniel Mussan, recieved a suspended sentence in Newry court. Mussan  found guilty of stealing his female neighbours knickers from her line
Daniel Mussan, recieved a suspended sentence in Newry court. Mussan found guilty of stealing his female neighbours knickers from her line

Knicker knocker Daniel Mussen was caught red-handed raiding his neighbour’s washing line for underwear.

The 36-year-old oddball was witnessed skulking into his neighbour’s backyard before absconding with a bra and a pair of her pants.

Horrified by the discovery, his furious neighbour confronted him at his home in the village of Hilltown  demanding her belongings back before he  told her he would have to wash them first!

Disgusted, she called police and last week Mussen, who has previous convictions, pleaded guilty to the creepy offence at Newry Magistrates Court.

Yet when confronted at his Co. Down home by the Sunday World he insisted his female neighbours had nothing to fear, it was all a mistake and that he was the victim in this bizarre case.

“I’m sorry, yeah, but it’s not as simple as people think. It’s more complicated, the people around here treat me like s**t, they wouldn’t give me the last penny from their pockets but I do nothing to annoy them, I just keep myself to myself. All I’m interested in is recycling,” he told the Sunday World.

“I try to be nice, I even knocked down the wall in my front garden so the kids could come in and out when they kicked their ball in without annoying me. It’s all of them around here, not me.” 

Mussen immediately admitted to taking the personal items off the woman’s line, firstly offering to give her £20 for her underwear before admitting they would have to be cleaned before he was able to return them.

When police arrived at his Kennedy Drive address last September Mussen again admitted his guilt and was charged with theft.

In court Mussen’s defence solicitor claimed he had significant problems. “He has said the system has let him down by failing to give him support. He entered a plea at an early stage and he apologies for his conduct.”

However, Judge Eamon King dismissed this, stating Mussen had in the past been offered help in the form of the probationary services yet failed to turn up.

“He has a sense of entitlement but no sense of obligation,” the judge said.

Mussen was fined £250 and a compensation order was put in place for the victim of £20. Mussen also had to pay a £15 offender levy.

Mussen, who has been described as a night-owl, is rarely seen during the day. His recent actions has caused concern among residents, many who have made previous complaints to the Housing Executive which owns the property that is in stark contrast to his neighbours well-maintained homes on the quiet and well-kept street.

One neighbour described Mussen as a nuisance and spoke of her fear of him living nearby. 

“He is very strange but the whole underwear thing, well that’s really worrying, I mean what type of person does that? And then to think it’s OK?

“It would make you sick, it also makes us even more concerned about having him living so close. We have made complaints but we were the ones accused of harassing him. 

“His house is a mess, there is always something going on with him. He is the one who makes people’s lives a misery. There is a beautiful house next to him that no one wants to move into, that says it all.”

Meanwhile the Sunday World can reveal police were back at Mussen’s house on Wednesday night when two men called at his door and a violent altercation broke out in the front garden.

It is unclear what sparked the incident. However, Mussen told the Sunday World on Thursday evening that he had been previously attacked before after wrongly being labelled as a paedophile.

“I was called a child abuser and beaten up by two blokes, that’s how I am treated around here. I’m not a child abuser, I was brought up in care homes but people don’t care about that. They just want to torment me, I don’t mean any harm to anyone,” he claimed.

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