Notorious gangster bought new boobs for girlfriend 20 years his junior

Lynsilee and Jim 'Spud' Murphy on their wedding day
Lynsilee and Jim 'Spud' Murphy on their wedding day

NOTHING screams ‘gangster’s moll’ like an expensive set of boobs bought for you by said gangster.

That’s exactly the gift former UDA boss Jim ‘Spud’ Murphy bought for his gorgeous new girlfriend Lynsilee Niblock back in 2009.

The pair went on to have a son together and last summer Murphy finally made an honest woman of Lynsilee when they tied the knot at an opulent wedding bash at the La Mon Country House Hotel.

Murphy was a notorious UDA gangster who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the terror group’s infamous east Belfast brigadier, Jim ‘Doris Day’ Gray.

Many raised an eyebrow when petite Lynsilee start-ed stepping out with Murphy – not least because there is a 20-year age gap between the unlikely couple.

But their relationship perhaps makes more sense when you consider the similarities between Murphy and Lynsilee’s own father – loyalist killer Bobby Niblock.

Bobby Niblock was convicted of murdering his pal Robert Thompson in a frenzied knife attack back in 1975.

Niblock, who proudly gave his daughter away to Murphy last summer, stabbed his mate 52 times before slashing his throat.

Murphy himself was charged with the October 2001 murder of Arthur Berryman who, like Robert Thompson, was stabbed to death in a frenzied attack on his doorstep.

The charges against Murphy were later dropped after a state witness withdrew statements implicating him in the murder.

Tanning salon boss Lynsilee is the archetypal bleach blonde gangster’s moll and showed her cheeky sense of humour when she took her hen party off to Benidorm, with the theme based on hit reality TV show Mob Wives

Lynsilee and Jim 'Spud' Murphy on their wedding day

The gaggle of girls all wore T-shirts with #TeamDrita’s emblazoned on the back to pay homage to Lynsilee’s favourite mob wife, the notorious Drita D’Avanzo, with ‘Belfast Mobwives’ written underneath.

Jim and Lynsilee met 12 years ago and while some say ‘I love you’ with flowers and jewellery, Jim said it with silicone.

Eight years ago he splashed the cash for a new set of boobs for Lynsilee, which were the talk of east Belfast.

A source told us at the time: “It’s like there is a race among all the girls who are going out with loyalist para-militaries to see who can get the biggest boob jobs.

“Jim Murphy paid for Lynsilee to get her new boobs done. I think he was also worried that he might lose her and it would be a good way to keep her as his girlfriend.”

Sugar-daddy loyalist Jim ‘Spud’ Murphy treated his young bride to a ‘mental’ wedding last summer.

No expense was spared as Jim went all-out with the nuptials when he booked TV star and mentalist David Meade to perform for the couple’s guests.

Meade, who has had several hit BBC shows and has packed out venues like Belfast’s Waterfront Hall, performed a number of his most stunning illusions to the amazement of Murphy’s guests.

The loving couple released a pair of doves and later jetted off to Thailand, where they stayed for three weeks in the five-star Hilton Hotel, Pattaya Beach.