May 27th, 2016
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UVF in race hate pact

Northern IrelandBy Sunday World
Stephen 'Ugly Doris' Matthews
Stephen 'Ugly Doris' Matthews
Racist graffiti in East Belfast
Racist graffiti in East Belfast

Renegade UVF chiefs have sealed a race hate pact as they look to step up attacks on foreign nationals.

The loyalist terror group is responsible for the lion’s share of an increasing number of racially motivated attacks across the city in recent weeks.

Today the Sunday World reveals that east Belfast UVF chief Stephen ‘Ugly Doris' Matthews has held talks with south Belfast commander Eddie ‘Onions' Rainey with the intention of continuing the race hate campaign.

Matthews held meetings with Rainey on the Donegall Pass in south Belfast. It is understood he is concerned that increased police attention in the east of the city is making it harder for him to orchestrate attacks.

The race hate pair have agreed to shift the focus of attacks to south Belfast.

Rainey has agreed to target foreign nationals on his patch in an attempt to divert attention from Matthews’ mob.

There have been a number of incidents in the Village and Donegall Pass areas with vacant houses being daubed with ‘locals only’ graffiti, but attacks have not reached levels seen in east Belfast.

Rainey has insisted the Chinese community be excluded and also anyone connected with east European organised crime gang known as The 

Loyalist sources have told us the main UVF motivation is to secure their areas for their own people.

“It’s a housing carve up,” said our source, “they want to make sure that any houses that come available are allocated to loyalists, they want to ensure their areas are 100 per cent loyalist and that means no foreigners.”

The long established Chinese community is to be excluded and the Russians too are to get a pardon as they are working hand in hand with Rainey’s UVF mob selling drugs.

Police have said they believe a recent spate of eight race hate attacks in east Belfast were orchestrated.

Homes and cars were attacked and racist graffiti daubed on gable walls near Chobham Street and at a junction of Elmdale Street and Bately Street.

The windows of two houses in Bloomfield Avenue and Cobham Street were smashed and paint was also thrown over the second property on a night of racially motivated violence this week.

A group of men were seen running off towards the Ravenscroft area shortly after the graffiti appeared.

The vehicle that was attacked in Rosebery Street was covered in paint and all of its windows were broken.

The slogan “Romanians out” was daubed on a number of walls and gable ends.

Slovakian national Ruzena Lakatosova was sitting in her living room watching television with her children when her home was paint bombed.

 Ruzena Lakatosova at her home which was attacked

“It was a big shock. I was very scared for my children,” she said.

The family has lived in the house for two years and had never had any problems.

Rainey is already coming under fire for jumping to Matthews’ tune and for making south Belfast UVF a pariah. Veterans are already furious he has got into bed with the Russians, allowing the area to be flooded with cocaine, heroin and crystal meth in return for a slice of the profits.

Now he is being seen as Matthews’ stool pigeon.

“He’s going to bring a whole lot of police attention to south Belfast, we don't need it,” said our source.

He said there was concern that young people ordered out to target the homes of foreign nationals will end up with criminal records.

“Matthews says his crew is getting too much heat, and needs Onions to take the strain, it’s a joke Doris says jump and Onions says ‘how high.”

East Belfast UVF has effectively broken away from the mainstream UVF and south Belfast with Onions at the helm is heading the same way.

The PSNI has condemned the ongoing attacks. Superintendant Mark McEwan said they were clearly racially motivated and designed to intimidate and scare people.

“We're following a number of lines of investigation, including the submission of items seized for forensic examination from those scenes and that work is ongoing at the moment,” he said.

He appealed to any members of the community to come forward with any information they might have.

“We’re working very closely with our partner agencies, such as Belfast City Council, the Housing Executive, the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities and other community groups to support the victims and the wider community, but to support primarily the victims through the investigative process,” he said.


“Those responsible for last night’s attacks need to seriously consider the impact it has on the image of east Belfast and Bately Street on Monday night”

SDLP leader Dr Alasdair McDonnell condemned the attacks, describing them as “despicable and cowardly”.

“Belfast cannot be allowed to become the racist capital of the north, especially when so many people from here have been welcomed in so many countries around the world,” he said.

“These attacks must not be tolerated. People have the right to live in peace, but no one has the right to instill fear and tension in any community.”

The DUP’s Robin Newton said the attacks were “disgraceful”.

“East Belfast is a kind, welcoming place inhabited by kind and welcoming people,” he said.

“It is utterly shameful that the reputation of our community should be tarnished by racist thugs who offer nothing but hatred and bitterness.”

Two men have been arrested in connection with the attacks.

The men – aged 20 and 22 – were released on police bail pending further inquiries.