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Ulster's answer to 50 Shades of Grey tipped as new 'bonkbuster'

Leonora thinks Niamh McGrady of Holby City (pictured) could play lead role of 'Ginger'
Leonora thinks Niamh McGrady of Holby City (pictured) could play lead role of 'Ginger'
Ulster's answer to 50 Shades of Grey tipped as new 'bonkbuster'

Ulster’s answer to 50 Shades of Grey with extra filth has been written by a Belfast woman.

But author Leonora Morrison is terrified her mum will find out so she’s concealing her identity.

The 28-year-old says The Bed and the Bookcase is so naughty she’s even included raunchy bits from the Bible for maximum impact.

The story of flame-haired character Ginger sleeping her way through a series of internet dates while experimenting with bondage and S&M culminates in a steamy group sex scene which even made Leonora blush.

The book started life as a blog after a series of disastrous dates and it’s a little bit of revenge against the men she turned down, and a cruel ex.

After more than 10 years in a dysfunctional relationship Leonora decided she’d had enough when her former partner ripped her off financially.

But when the newly single writer tried dating online she discovered a seedy world of men who just wanted sex and didn’t like it when she declined.

“I’d just ended a long relationship with the only man I’d ever been with so I went on dating sites and met a whole pile of plonkers.

“I was so shocked. I insisted that I had to have a video chat before I’d meet anyone, and they would chat for a while and then suggest coming round to my house for sex,” says Leonora.

“I did meet a few – to be honest I was starting to use them for material – and these guys would turn up who hadn’t washed or brushed their teeth and smelled of stale cigarettes and coffee.

“I started writing a blog about my experiences and there were a few writers and publishers who suggest I should write it as a book.

 “The women thought it was funny and the men wanted it to be in a rubber cover and sponsored by Kleenex.”

With limited personal experience Leonora immersed herself in serious research for Ginger’s sexual escapades and found inspiration in the most unlikely places.

“This is Northern Ireland and everyone is religious and Ginger feels guilty about the things she is doing.

“But she’s able to justify why she’s doing it because it’s in the Bible. In Job for example he rapes his own daughters so he can continue his line. In the stories from Sodom and Gomorrah there is group sex.”

Leonora says she’s also taking a stance against another recent Bible, 50 Shades, made for the big screen with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Fanning.


“It’s the only book I’ve ever thrown in the bin. Usually I’d stick with a book until the end but with 50 Shades I just couldn’t.


“Jamie Dornan needs to read my book. There are about 20 men in it and he could play one of them.


“I could see Ciaran Hinds being really good as one of the seedy characters – although  he’s a lovely guy – and Liam Neeson could have a role too.


“To play Ginger it would have to be Niamh McGrady from Holby City, who’s a genuine redhead and from Northern Ireland. It’s important to me to support the local economy so I’ve included St George’s Market and the Belfast Giants,” says Leonora.

Despite studying erotica as part of her degree in 18th century literature the writer says she’s kept news of her first book from her family.

“My mum would kill me if she found out I’d written this – she’s very religious – and my dad’s not well so she doesn’t need the stress. If I sell half a million copies and pay off my mortgage then I’ll come out.

“But I loved the writing. I had been really ill and nearly died, and then my relationship ended and the writing helped to keep my brain working.”

The steamy tale is selling on Amazon Kindle and the hardback and paperback editions are available from this weekend, while Leonora already has her mind on the sequel.

And she’s hoping it will require a little bit less delving into sex.

“Some people get turned on by the most disgusting things. For the group sex scenes I had to watch a video - it wasn’t pleasant.

“But I’m hoping I’ve invented a new verb, gingered. You’ve been gingered if you’ve had sex with someone with ginger hair,” says Leonora.

The Bed and the Bookcase is published today by Spinetinglers.

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