May 28th, 2016
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Top cops closing in on Raymond McCord's murderers

Northern IrelandBy Jim McDowell
Willie Young and 'Bonzo' Bond
Willie Young and 'Bonzo' Bond
Darren Moore
Darren Moore
Mark 'Hannibal' Haddock
Mark 'Hannibal' Haddock

Top cops are on the tail of these four big-time UVF mobsters.

They are John ‘Bonzo’ Bond, Willie Young, Darren Moore, and Mark ‘Hannibal’ Haddock.

Moore is still recovering after being given a brutal ‘Romper Room’ beating by his fellow Mount Vernon UVF henchmen. 

Haddock is serving 12 years behind bars in Belmarsh high security jail in England after being found guilty of trying to slit the throat of former Catholic UVF man Terry Fairfield. 

But all four have been named in a statement made to police and signed by another former Mount Vernon UVF mobster. 

Campaigning dad Raymond McCord told the Sunday World yesterday that he has been made aware of the statement. 

And he says it alleges that Bond, Young, Moore and Haddock were all implicated in the murder of his son Raymond Jnr. almost 17 years ago.

“This is the biggest breakthrough for me and my family yet,” said Mr McCord, the butt of numerous UVF death threats himself because of his marathon campaign to get justice for his son and terror gang victims.


“It is the first time someone has made a statement naming all those involved in young Raymond’s murder.


“And we are confident now, for the first time, that people can be arrested and charged.”

He also identified a fifth UVF man named in the new signed statement, but he can’t be named here at the moment. 

And in another explosive development sparked by the new statement, Raymond McCord says he also expects some still serving and some retired police officers also to be arrested and questioned. 

“This will be massive. I expect police officers to be lifted and interviewed within a matter of months, also because of this statement,” he said. 

“Both the PSNI and the police Ombudsman’s office are aware of the content of this new statement.”

He says that he knows the identity of the UVF man who made the latest statement, and that he has since moved away from 

Mount Vernon. “He’s not in their good books anymore,” he said. 

He says the man is himself a former Special Branch informer and knows details of other UVF atrocities – and who carried them out. 

“Because of what I have been made aware of so far, I expect arrests not just in my son’s case, but in other cases too,” he said. 

He also says that when, no longer if, his son’s killers are tried and convicted, they will not qualify under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement for vastly reduced sentences of just a couple of years in jail. 

“I have met UVF leaders concerning my son’s murder. They insisted it wasn’t sanctioned.

“I met David Ervine before he died, and he said the murder was carried out by what he called ‘criminals’.

“So the killers certainly do not qualify under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement for reduced sentences. Because of the nature of young Raymond’s brutal injuries, they should be sentenced to 30 years in jail...and that’s what they should be made to serve.”

Mr McCord says he now understands that papers arising from the new statement will be sent to the Public Prosecution Service.

“I will be seeking a meeting with the Director of Public Prosecutions, Barra McGrory,” he said yesterday.

“After all, it’s seven years since Dame Nuala O’Loane published her Operation Ballast report into collusion between certain Special Branch officers and the Mount Vernon UVF mob led by Haddock. 

“Now it’s taken all this time later for a major breakthrough like the latest statement.

“What does that say about the justice system in this country? That’s one of the questions I’ll be putting to PPS Director Mr McGrory.”