May 28th, 2016
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Sectarian graffiti sprayed on Co Antrim Orange Hall

Northern IrelandBy Jamie McDowell
The graffiti scrawled across Castlerobin Orange Hall
The graffiti scrawled across Castlerobin Orange Hall

Sectarian graffiti has been daubed on the walls of an Orange Hall in Castlerobin, County Antrim.

"This is another sickening hate crime which bears all the hallmarks of a deliberate sectarian attack," said Grand Secretary of the the Orange Order, Drew Nelson.

He added: "Such criminality is typical of the constant onslaught by republicans on our Institution, focused not only on Orange property, but also our cultural expression, notably targeting our traditional parades.

"This is clearly an attempt to heighten tensions ahead of the Twelfth of July in the warped mind-set of those responsible. They must not be allowed to succeed."