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Rapist attacked teen to pay off drug debt

Jackie Johnston
Jackie Johnston

LVF paedophile Jackie Greer Johnston raped a teenage girl to pay off a drug debt.

Depraved Johnston forced the 16 year old into sex in 2002 in return for clearing drug money the LVF was owed by her teenage brother.

And the monster showed no remorse for his crime when he put his victim through a two week trial in February this year.  

Details of the offence can only be revealed after reporting restrictions were lifted last week following Johnston's sentencing for a further eight sex offences

against two other women, one of whom was just eight when he first sexually assaulted her.

He had pleaded guilty in May to the latest catalogue of charges.

But the 47 year old hoped to brazen out the rape charge earlier this year.

Despite already serving a 16 year sentence for a litany of sexual offences against another young woman Johnston denied he had ever met his victim.

He then claimed the sex was consensual and she had to go through five days in the witness box.

Sunday World can reveal Johnston's pleas of innocence were entirely rejected and he was given a five year sentence for the rape, which he must serve after the 16 year tariff. 

His victim has spoken to Sunday World about her ordeal at Johnston's hands, which blighted her life for over a decade when the rapist took her virginity.

The predator was once the scourge of Holywood where he acted as a money lender for the LVF. With a close associate who dealt drugs he lured youngsters into drug deals 

which bound them by debt to the feared paramilitary group.

Angela, whose identity is protected, says her family were in fear of Johnston after he threatened the life of her teenage brother who had to flee their north Down home.

She met Johston when she was just 16 on a night out with a pal. 

"I didn't know who he was but I had seen him around," she says.

"When we were heading home I realised him and his friend were outside waiting for us. He told me 'I know your brother, come up to the house and we'll talk about it'.

"I was young and naive but I thought I could do something to help my brother. I thought I was being grown up and helping my family."

Johnston took her to an associate's house in the Woodlands area of Holywood, where he took her into a bedroom.

"He started to get physical and I told him to stop but he didn't, he raped me," she says. 

"This was my first sexual experience. Afterwards I didn't really know what had happened to me, I was numb."

Bizarrely Johnston was true to his word about lifting the threat against his victim's brother, who was allowed to return home. Just three years later Johnston himself was exiled when his campaign of sexual abuse against another young woman came to light. 

Angela says his attack on her had a devastating impact on her life for years.

"I spent years battling with low self esteem, depression & anxiety. I was bulimic, I used drugs and alcohol, anything I could do to keep myself numb.

"I confused attention with love and allowed men to take advantage of me. It took years for me to realise what real love was and what a good man looked like." 

After Johnston's first trial Angela decided to come forward.

She says the court ordeal was gruelling but she has no regrets. 

"I came forward because I needed to take control over my life and quite literally face my demon in court. 

"I was dreading having the most difficult part of my life being picked apart in a room full of strangers, but it was all worth it when he was found guilty of rape and given additional time on his sentence. I felt free for the first time since I was 16." 

Angela has paid tribute to the Nexus Institute for the help she's received from counsellors since the trial. And she knows that her evidence will keep Johnston behind bars.

At his 2014 trial he was ordered to serve eight years in prison and eight on licence. After he conviction for raping Angela he must serve an extra five years in prison.

"He used to have a lot of power, and I was terrified of him for a long time. But I felt safer when I found out he was in jail.

"He doesn't have any power any more," she says.

Johston's perverted past as a paedophile was exposed at his first trial in 2014.

For years he struck fear into Holywood as the money enforcer for the paramilitary group. But he was exiled in 2005 when rumours spread that he was a predatory paedophile who was using his LVF muscle to keep a lid on his crimes.

When the law finally caught up with him Johnston faced a sickening catalogue of six offences against one young woman, including the rape of his victim when she was just 10 in 1989. The abuse continued into her twenties and left the young woman with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

His trial heard that he had "sordidly sexually abused" his victim and used her almost as his "plaything."

She contacted police about her horrific ordeal in 2013 and her evidence put him behind bars for eight years, with a further eight on licence.

Johnston already had 49 convictions, which included making petrol bombs and dressing like a member of a parmilitary organisation.

After his 2014 trial police asked other vicitms to come forward. As a result of their testimony in court and statements to police Johnston now has a further nine convictions for sex crimes.